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Locana and Bent Ear Solutions Announce Strategic Alliance

Combined geospatial solutions improve operations using location intelligence and mapping

March 1, 2022

Locana (formerly known as Critigen) and Bent Ear Solutions (BES) are excited to announce a new strategic alliance. The companies will collaborate to provide comprehensive location-based solutions that help customers improve their performance and decision making across the organization, including their operations center. In addition, they will work closely with clients to identify issues, challenges, and mission priorities to modernize their geospatial capabilities and improve organizational effectiveness using location intelligence and mapping.

“Leveraging the complementary skills and expertise each company provides, customers gain tremendous value with focused and optimized technology, services, training, and support,” says Mike Eggenberger, VP, North America Sales, Locana. “We both understand the power of location for gaining an accurate understanding of circumstances to act with clarity and precision.”


“Both companies are dedicated to being a trusted partner for our clients,” says Chris McIntosh, CEO, Bent Ear Solutions. “We have a unique opportunity to combine our areas of excellence to address our clients’ complex challenges. We believe our collaborative approach will help maximize the value and use of GIS across the enterprise.” 

BES maintains deep domain expertise in operations, crisis management, and business continuity. It possesses a successful track record of providing configured, GIS-based situational awareness, combined with targeted workflows, that support multiple requirements. Locana has an extensive track record of successfully designing and delivering robust, large-scale geospatial projects. Integrating business systems with scalable GIS, it helps clients spatially enable their enterprise with location analytics and high-powered mapping.

Locana and BES combine to provide the unique and comprehensive skills that deliver tailored GIS solutions and integration that organizations need to overcome system silos and enable situational awareness. The partnership will supply strategic and tactical planning, workflow development, team-building processes, documentation, procedural support, and systematic training and exercises. The result is long-term value in the form of access to sophisticated analysis and actionable intelligence.

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