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Chris McIntosh

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Sometimes you find a career, and sometimes a career finds you.  I have worked on problems ranging from ballistic missile defense to disaster response, and no matter what the challenge, I always seemed to end up focusing on the ability or inability to share the critical information needed to make fast, accurate decisions under pressure. I have started information sharing programs from scratch across all levels of government and have made most of the mistakes that I see being made today. Most importantly, I have seen countless dollars spent on technology programs that ultimately fail, while other important projects go unfunded. These experiences, along with leading the Public Safety team at a major GIS software company, have allowed me to see, first-hand that many technology deployments don’t reach their potential because of the lack of attention paid to the human side such as governance, planning, training. Hence the reason to start Bent Ear Solutions. As a co-founder of Bent Ear Solutions my goal is to help organizations get the most out of their technology investments and allow them to use those powerful tools to improve the safety and security of their stakeholders.


Favorite Quote

"You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take."  - Wayne Gretzky


M.A. Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Virginia Commonwealth University

B.A., History, The Pennsylvania State University

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Chris McIntosh

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