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Continuity of Operations

As disasters continue to grow in frequency and severity, identifying and maintaining critical and essential continuity functions is becoming increasingly vital to ensuring organizations can sustain operations. Our team of subject matter experts understands the importance of a comprehensive planning framework to support the development and execution of continuity functions.


We have worked with organizations across the private and public sectors to: 

  • Develop an appropriate Governance Framework

  • Identify and prioritize Essential Functions and critical operations.

  • Establish protocols and standard operating procedures that identify and focus on critical mission priorities, response, and reconstitution.

  • Develop situational awareness tools that support decision making and information sharing regardless of staff location (i.e. teleworking)

  • Evaluate and recommend actions to optimize the use of technology to support continuity of operations and mission requirements, particularly when personnel have to work from remote locations

  • Develop training and exercises to test the effectiveness of the plan and the performance of technology and personnel to  meet continuity objectives.


What We Do

Development a Governance Framework

Identify and Prioritize Essential Functions

Standard Operating Procedures

Reconstitution Planning

Training & Exercises

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