Locana and Bent Ear Solutions Announce
Strategic Alliance

March 1, 2022

Locana (formerly known as Critigen) and Bent Ear Solutions (BES) are excited to announce a new strategic alliance. The companies will collaborate to provide comprehensive location-based solutions that help customers improve their performance and decision making across the organization, including their operations center. In addition, they will work closely with clients to identify issues, challenges, and mission priorities to modernize their geospatial capabilities and improve organizational effectiveness using location intelligence and mapping.

“Leveraging the complementary skills and expertise each company provides, customers gain tremendous value with focused and optimized technology, services, training, and support,” says Mike Eggenberger, VP, North America Sales, Locana. “We both understand the power of location for gaining an accurate understanding of circumstances to act with clarity and precision.”


Bent Ear Solutions Certified as System Ready by ESRI

February 15, 2022

Bent Ear Solutions is pleased to announce our recognition as an ArcGIS System Ready Specialty” partner by ESRI.  This certification is awarded to top ESRI partners that have strong industry expertise and consistently deliver solutions and services with ESRI’s latest technologies and content. As early adopters of Esri software releases, Bent Ear Solutions commits to being ready to leverage the newest capabilities and versions of ArcGIS technology. Our customers can be confident that solutions and services Bent Ear provides will always leverage the full range of features Esri technology has to offer.

System Ready Specialty.jpg

Bent Ear Helping Customers Overcome Technology Adoption Challenges

CIO Applications Magazine

September 15, 2020

Bent Ear is uniquely qualified to help customers who provide critical and essential services overcome technology deployment, management, and adoption challenges.

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Maximizing the Technology You Already Have

Disaster Zone - Eric Holdeman

August 10, 2021

Technology is dominating almost every aspect of our lives. It was not that long ago that emergency management and first responder agencies operated with just hardline phones and radios. Today it is a whole new ballgame. Unfortunately, many organizations have purchased technology that they are only using a small fraction of its capacity. In this podcast we explore how organizations can get the most out of the technology that they already own. It is not about buying a new system or dashboard tool, it really starts with having a vision and governance.