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Operations Center Readiness

Most Operations Centers exist to gather, analyze, share, and disseminate information with both internal and external stakeholders. Our experiences have led us to over half of the state level Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in the United States, and dozens of Federal, local, or private sector operations centers.


As a result, we understand that to successfully achieve this mission requires a careful synergy between facility design and layout, technology applications, standard operating procedures, and training. From the location of conference and breakout rooms, to the placement of monitors and video walls, to the careful consideration of which decision support applications go where,  understanding and planning how your operations center works as a system to facilitate the movement of information through and from your organization is a key component to effect information sharing.


What We Do

Operations Center Strategy Development

Operations Center Design

Operations Center Workflow Mapping & Improvement

EOC & GIS Coordination

Technology Integration & Deployment

Training & Exercises

Want to learn more about how we can help to enhance your operational decision-making?

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