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Our Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce our inaugural Advisory Board. Our esteemed Board provides guidance on market needs, strategy, services, execution, drawing on their extensive expertise and their personal and professional networks. From improving our services to exploring new collaborations, the best way to achieve our potential is to surround ourselves with accomplished professionals; those who can point out the pitfalls, create connections, and help us become better.  

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John Degory, a 30-year executive leader across all types of technology software and platforms, is the Chairman of the BES Advisory Board. Over his accomplished career, John has provided guidance and senior leadership to several technology firms and served as CEO for three software companies.  In every instance John has exceeded organizational goals and provided outstanding service to their customers.  John's expertise includes extensive experience with messaging and communication products ranging from email and instant messaging software to nearly every form of communication software products in the mobile, pc and desktop platforms.

John has extensive experience in helping customers integrate their technologies to maximize their investments.

John has served as a Board member and the Chairman of the Pittsburgh Business Coalition for Homeland Security.  He also has served on the Advisory Board for the Laurel Highlands Council (Pittsburgh, PA)  Boy Scouts of America and is an Eagle Scout.

John Degory


James G. Featherstone


James G. Featherstone is currently a Principal Consultant of Themata Strategic LLC, a crisis management consultant agency. Previously, he was the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC), a position he assumed in March 2016, after serving the City of Los Angeles for thirty years. At HSAC, Jim worked to strengthen the greater Los Angeles region’s crisis readiness and resilience by convening and connecting the private, public, and civic sectors through collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances, emerging technology, and research.

A native of Washington D.C. and a veteran of the United States Navy, Jim began his public service to the City of Los Angeles in 1986 with the Los Angeles Fire Department.  He was later appointed Interim Fire Chief (2013-2014). In 2007, Jim was appointed General Manager of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, where he led a successful departmental reorganization and restructuring of Los Angeles’ emergency management protocols and processes.  From 2008 to 2018, Jim chaired FEMA’s National Advisory Council.

Jim holds a Master of Leadership from the University of Southern California, a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from the Union Institute and University. An alumnus of the Executive Leaders Program at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security, he is also a Senior Fellow in the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government’s Program on Crisis Leadership.