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Bent Ear Solutions Power Outage Dashboard is now Available

Much of the country is struggling with the impacts of severe winter weather, with millions of people and businesses without power. The loss of electrical power is a bona fide emergency for many, and it is often difficult to understand the status of power delivery and its impact on your infrastructure, stakeholders, or citizens. Bent Ear Solutions has worked with our key partners to enable a power outage situational awareness dashboard that shows outages, in near real time, down to the county level.

Recent Screen Shot of Weather and Power Outages in Texas.

This Power Outage Dashboard enables users to see current power outages by geographic area and number of households affected. Other dynamic information can be easily added such as weather, your infrastructure, or other local and national real time data as your needs dictate.

If you are interested in deploying these types of situational awareness solutions in your organization, please contact Bent Ear Solutions at

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