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Helping Those that Keep us Safe

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

In many of the roles that I have held in my career, I have repeatedly been confronted with a common problem. Whether it was managing responses as an Emergency Manager, coordinating interoperable communications programs across a state, working on national information sharing systems, or working in the private sector to deliver technology capabilities to customers around the world, the same issue has arisen.

No matter how powerful, how capable, how affordable, and how flexible the latest technology becomes, the safety and security community has struggled to implement those tools to their maximum potential. Many organizations have invested precious and scarce resources into technology solutions that are not implemented thoroughly, and are therefore not fully optimized to support the agency’s or organization’s mission. Due to this, we unfortunately often see examples of these limitations during large scale operations where technology capabilities are flexed, often for the first time. This can often hamper response efforts during a crisis, and in the worst case can make agencies less effective as they struggle with their systems instead of doing what they do best; saving lives and protecting property.

The availability and constant evolution of technology today make it confusing and difficult for organizations to implement interoperable solutions that support critical missions. To minimize risk, new technology deployments must connect, extend and leverage existing solutions, procedures, and applications.

Experience has shown that it is only through a comprehensive approach to preparedness, one which includes the organization’s structure, planning, operational procedures, training/exercises, and all interoperable technologies, that a successful and sustainable program will be achieved. Obtaining current education, expertise and mentoring is essential in evolving our culture to adopt and deploy new technology capabilities to their fullest potential.

Bent Ear will focus on providing the needed experience and know-how to help organizations adopt modern technologies as a part of the way that they do business, and we will use that knowledge to work with customers to evolve their cultures into one that embraces new technologies, deployed on a foundation of sound governance and modernized operating procedures, as their “new normal”.

At Bent Ear Solutions, we know that executing a successful technology strategy is not just a technology problem. There is a continuum of work - creating a vision, establishing governance, and reviewing standard operating procedures to leverage the new capabilities in order to improve performance. Training is also an essential component of a comprehensive program that is sustainable and operational. This is where we come in. We are unique in that we understand the technologies AND the softer aspects of implementation like no other firm, AND we have the contacts to quickly obtain additional support depending on the client’s requirements. Our passion, which has been built upon our individual interests for over 15 years, is to help public safety modernize their capabilities and effectiveness across all aspects of their missions..

If you are struggling with your technology strategy, need help building your technology program, or just want to chat we hope to hear from you soon!

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