Strategy Development & Implementation

Your business operates at its highest level of performance when procedures, technologies, and team members work in concert to achieve your organization’s vision and goals - aligning business functions to your strategic direction. But too often, to accomplish this, organizations devote significant time and resources to a rigorous strategic planning process.


Bent Ear provides a tailored approach that divides strategic initiatives into manageable pieces and helps you define a clear path forward, putting the right tools in place to facilitate change.


Our experienced team works with leaders to implement a collaborative strategic planning process that provides lasting and actionable solutions by:

  • Establishing a vision for strategic outcomes

  • Designing an actionable implementation plan

  • Generating stakeholder buy-in

  • Evaluating progress over the course of the planning lifecycle to ensure that strategies have lasting impacts

What We Do

Strategy Development, Planning, & Execution

Governance & Stakeholder Management

Performance Improvement

Program & Project Management

Meeting Design & Facilitation

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