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Our Mission is to help our partners change,

innovate, and transform the way they operate.

Who We Are

We believe in being trusted advisors, enabling our partners across the public and private sectors to become more resilient by maximizing technology investments, eliminating information silos, and identifying technology solutions that address your unique requirements and promote timely, data-driven decisions.

​We help you drive change and enhance your capabilities to:

Achieve comprehensive and dynamic situational awareness

Create high-performance teams

Better leverage your technology investments

Effectively manage grant programs

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters teamwork, excellence, leadership, and transparency; where dedicated people can thrive and are passionate about their careers. Values cannot simply be stated, they have to be put into practice. Our core values define how we approach every day, both internally and externally.

We Never Stop Learning


Ongoing professional development is vital to our growth and success.

We Strive for Excellence


We represent BES well in everything we do. We exceed expectations and take pride in our work.

We use Bold Voices


We speak out to avoid “group think”. We strive for diversity in our staff, partners, and opinions to provide the best solutions to our clients and BES.

We Deliver Results


We pride ourselves on our integrity and in providing unbiased results. We actively listen to our clients and collaborate as a trusted partner. We keep our promises.

We Support Each Other


We are invested in one another and BES. We have a drama-free, lighthearted work environment.

We Seek Balance


We work to balance the needs of BES with everything else we want out of life.

 Trust is Our Foundation 

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Our clients trust us to help them achieve  their goals and our staff trust  each other to get the job done.

Why We Started Bent Ear

Bent Ear was founded as a result of frequent, firsthand experiences with organizations that were frustrated and confused by technology decisions and the inability to access the critical information needed to support operations and provide comprehensive situational awareness. We know this is not a technology problem. Technology fails to reach its highest performance when leaders do not consider the human aspects to implementation. To optimize technology investments, social and human components ranging from stakeholder buy-in to training and exercises are needed to drive adoption and daily usage. 


We have replicated our methodologies across our broad range of services to foster dynamic operations across all levels of government and the private sector. Our commitment is to help our partners overcome these challenges by listening and providing lasting, meaningful, and actionable solutions.


Current Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for highly motivated thinkers and doers who welcome challenges and innovative new ideas. Do you have the same passion for our mission and core values as we do? Check out our current opportunities.

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